The Duke of London was formally founded in December 2014 by Merlin McCormack. In March 2017, The Duke moved to Brentford, to the aptly named Duke’s Wharf. The 14,000 sq.ft. site is known for its eclectic display of stock from every era and plays host to the monthly Classics & Cake Car Meet. This is where like-minded classic car enthusiasts gather, to share their love and knowledge of everything auto.

In June 2019, Merlin unveiled his latest and largest project to date: The Factory. A 51,000 sq. ft. art deco space of unbelievable craftsmanship, divided into multi-purpose functional areas. It’s not only a home for the showroom, restoration site, storage facility and servicing areas but it also has a bar, café and restaurant. The Factory is now host to all kinds of events and exhibitions. Over the coming months, Merlin hopes to use the venue for Weddings, Car Events and much more! The team can be contacted on

A specialist in his field, Merlin has a real love of restoration and classical beauty, from his choice of décor, to the kinds of cars he chooses to showcase. His eccentricity and individualism marry perfectly with how he presents himself and the Duke of London business.

Working together, Merlin and the team at Select were able to produce a system that is minimalist, yet efficient, to fulfill the security needs of The Duke of London.

Commenting on the project, Leon Window says ‘Select were chose to protect one of the most prestigious classic and sports car venues in the UK. The Duke of London is a car club, car storage, workshop and car sales venue in London. Select won the tender to install intruder & fire detection and secure the 51000 sq.ft. site. The project was completed on time and on budget much to the thanks of the owners, who had valuable stock moving in. We look forward to working with them again’.


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July 10, 2019