Standard Signs & Traffic Systems Ltd CCTV Installation, Newport

Our Client

Standard Signs in Newport.

Notes & Feedback

There have been no thefts to date. The customer is extremely happy so we couldn’t ask for a better result. The company has also found the security system useful for checking on deliveries/guests arriving thanks to the large wall-mounted 32″ CCTV monitor in the main office. It’s now a business asset they couldn’t live without. 


What was the problem?
Metal theft and theft of its products from inside and outside its huge 20,000 sq ft building and outdoor compounds were the main concern for Standard Signs and Traffic Systems. The company owners decided that the cost of installing security systems was far less than the cost of any downtime caused by product and metal thefts.
What security devices did you install?
We risk-assessed the site and designed a system to cover all the entry/exit points around the site as well as the perimeter walls and fences. We installed HIK-vision 700tvl Bullet Cameras with 30 metres of infra-red lighting for each of these areas. We also installed Concept Pro Air number-plate recording cameras at the vehicle entry/exit points. Also, 700tvl armoured HIK-vision dome cameras with 15 metres of infra-red lighting lower down the building to provide ID-capable close-up images (to make identification of thieves possible) at key high-risk locations.
What challenges did you face in installing the systems?
Installing cameras on larger buildings means working at a height so we used our own transit cherry-picker van to carry out the work safely and quickly. We needed to cover areas of the site that overlooked other properties so to keep in line with the Data Protection Act we needed to block these off and make sure they were not recorded on the security system to protect the privacy of the property owners.
Any other work carried out?
We helped set up a secure remote internet connection so staff could view CCTV footage from tablets, smartphones and other internet-enabled remote devices. Most systems we install are now connected online – It’s great for customers (and us) to be able to dial and check the system between on-site maintenance visits.


We risk-assessed the site and designed a system to cover all the entry/exit points around the site as well as the perimeter walls and fences.

A Successful Project



Security Installed

Select HD Net-Pro Digital Video Recording System, HIK-Vision Cameras & Concept Pro Air

Completion Time

1 Week
(7 Days)


10th October

The Select Difference


What makes Select different is not only that it offers customers the very latest security technology – but its highly qualified engineers are willing to tackle any and every job, no matter how challenging the location. That includes installing systems on farms in remote areas with no electricity supply for miles and systems at industrial complexes and in busy city centres (including at one of the UK.