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Asset Tracking.
Select’s reliable, industry leading technology will ensure that you can find your assets, wherever they are.
Select Security
Select’s asset tracking can help you find equipment through misplacement or theft. We are highly regarded by our customers and always offer the best solution at the best price.
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Live Tracking

Live tracking information is available to you, should your vehicle be stolen and the police can use this to recover your vehicle. In a couple of instances tracker information has even led to police uncovering ‘professional’ quad-bike gangs who steal the vehicles and sell them on in the UK and abroad. The system has been designed to be simple to use and highly accurate and it can save companies far more money than it costs to run.

Wireless Tracking

We can install wireless tracking devices covertly (if you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you’re installing them) and with minimum fuss. If you have a fleet of vehicles or lorries with trackers on, the devices also have the benefit of helping you monitor unscheduled or off-route use of vehicles by staff or excess fuel consumption, helping you pinpoint ways to make running your vehicles more cost effective.

What Are Tracking Devices?

Trackers are simple, sturdy boxes which you can secure to a car, lorry, trailer, horse box, in fact, any mobile item like heavy plant, tractors or farm machinery. They are also invaluable to help protect skips, containers and other large business assets. The box use GPS information so you can see exactly where your asset is anywhere in the world. They’re also tamper-proof and virtually impossible to remove, you can rest assured that you’ll find your stolen asset quickly.

Even More Protection

On top of this, the tracking devices can alert you when things like MoTs, services and tax are due on your vehicles.

Machinery, Vehicles Or Fleet

We can track a quad bike, trailer, lorry or any other vehicle. Call in for a demonstration or we can show you how it works online. Just give us a call!

Why Use Tracking Devices?

Your business vehicles and other assets like trailers can be easy targets, they’re mobile, can’t always be locked indoors and they’re very attractive to thieves. They can also cost your business a lot of time and money to replace which is why you need to protect them. Anything can be tracked using this technology, from people to parcels as well as vehicles, trailers and skips. If you run a fleet of vehicles you will know how expensive this is with rising fuel costs, wages and many other hidden fleet costs therefore tracking devices can be a very useful asset to your business. Not only can you track the location of your vehicles, you can also monitor fuel use and driver behaviour such as heavy braking and accelerating around corners which can cost the business dearly in extra fuel use, higher maintenance bills, as well as an increased risk to staff safety.

Protect Your Equipment

Select recommends the best Plant-i trackers. These trackers are the smartest on the market and they’re virtually impossible to find, block or remove and will stand up to the harshest of industrial environments.

Asset Tracking Case Studies

Hay & Brecon 20 vehicle fleet-tracking project

Access Control, Agricultural, Commercial, Rural, Tracking

Quad bike tracker installation

Access Control, Agricultural, Rural, Tracking
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