Asset Tracking

Select’s reliable, industry-leading technology will ensure that you can find your assets, wherever they are. Asset tracking can help you find equipment through misplacement or theft. We are highly regarded by our customers and always offer the best solution at the best price.


Trackers are simple, sturdy boxes which you can secure to a car, lorry, trailer, horse box, in fact, any mobile item like a heavy plant, tractors or farm machinery. They are also invaluable to help protect skips, containers and other large business assets. The box uses GPS information so you can see exactly where your asset is anywhere in the world. They’re also tamper-proof and virtually impossible to remove, you can rest assured that you’ll find your stolen asset quickly.


We are one of the leading security businesses in the region. Select provides high-tech systems for the industrial, public sector and commercial clients, as well as high-end bespoke systems for residential customers. Please browse through our services and solutions pages for more information. If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact us.

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